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            1. Design Step

              Design Your MiAdidas

              Make your own custom adidas shoes via the Mi Adidas website to match your style.


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              Share Step

              Share Your Design

              Share your custom Mi Adidas design and check your email for further instructions for a quote

              EMAIL YOUR DESIGN!

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              Order Step

              Ordering Mi Adidas

              Follow the steps provided on the email and order your custom Adidas shoes and we will send it to Australia or New Zealand

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              Ordering MiAdidas in Australia

              • The limitation is your imagination
              • Choose from a range of mi adidas shoes available
              • Select your materials, prints and colours for customization
              • The ability to add country or team logos to your design
              • A simple guide that really works!
              miadidas design
              What We Can Provide

              Unofficial way to buy and shipping mi adidas in Australia

              We are sneaker enthusiasts that provide simple guides on how easy it is purchasing custom adidas shoes and shipping them to Australia or New Zealand.

              As most USA companies like adidas doesn’t offer shipping to Australia or New Zealand as well as accept payment, this is where we can help you achieve this at the best possible price.

              This websites is not associated or related to mi adidas in any way, we just help Australian’s order from the USA and deliver your custom shoe(s) to Australia or New Zealand.

              All you need to do is start designing your shoes! That’s right, we can help deliver any custom shoes by adidas USA that you would like to purchase as well as pay for the item on your behalf just by you sharing your customized mi adidas design. It’s simple, just follow the steps above to begin your order for customized mi adidas shoes and boots!